What Makes You Feel Alive?

It’s about those days when my life was stuck in the same routine. I wake up in the morning, have my breakfast, do some household chores, prepare lunch for the family, take a nap, have some routine discussions with family, evening walk, time for dinner, some binge-watching shows, and then go to sleep.

Every day I followed the same routine with so many ongoing thoughts in my head about how I can change my routine, how I can bring colors to my boring life. Honestly speaking those non-productive days were the worst days of my life. At that time I was graduated but unemployed.One day while having my evening tea in my home garden I was just sitting there and staring at the sky my eyes were shifting from the sky to plants and flowers. I went barefoot and felt the soft breezy grass. The amount of relaxation I felt at that moment is indescribable.

For instance, I asked myself “Aren’t these moments of peace making you feel alive?”

And my heart replied instantly “Yes”.

Those peaceful moments were quite enough to divert my mind from tangled thoughts and I realized that we are surrounded by so many things and people who can make us feel alive.

 But keep one thing in mind ‘Don’t depend on someone for your happiness’. If their presence makes you happy try to spend some quality time with them but only when they are comfortable with this.

Moreover, so many things like nature, art, poetry, and any physical activity help us to bring joy to our daily routine.

Some people feel good by writing their thoughts in the shape of poetry, a few of them feel good by expressing their words through art, and some of them feel calmness and relaxation in Nature’s beauty. By allowing these small changes in our daily routine we can make us feel good, make us feel alive. Somehow we start feeling things from different perspectives and these small things make a huge impact on our minds and hearts.

Somehow I figured out this fact and it was a game-changing experience of my life. I made myself flexible enough to adapt to new habits. One day I decided to do painting, I ordered a few primary acrylic paints, some brushes, and canvases. I wasn’t even aware of the basics of acrylics but I kept doing the way I was doing. It made me feel so confident that I opened YouTube on my cell phone and started learning some basic tricks and techniques. The days went by and with each passing day, I became so good at this.

Likewise, in my leisure time, I started doing some other activities like playing badminton with my siblings and this thing proved good for my physical and mental health. After a few days of these changes, I enrolled myself in an online interior designing course as I was very fond of this. I attended my online sessions and learned so many things about the interior and in this one month, I felt more of myself and this feeling was a pure joy, a joy of aliveness, a joy of happiness. Our happiness isn’t dependent on any person or any materialistic thing, we have so much more to do in our lives to make ourselves happy and alive.

The person who is reading this ‘enjoy your life to the fullest, practice gratitude and focus on the positive aspects of your life, follow your dreams and surround yourself with positive and supportive people.’

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