Obsession with a person v/s Do you really want them

Let’s just go back to our teenage when we were so young, immature, and emotional. We were under the misconception that our life is a fairytale and everything will happen accordingly.

Aren’t we so stupid? 

We were experiencing the intense phase of puberty. At that age, we were so immature to create fake scenarios in our head and our imaginations were not even close to reality. Likewise, we were so fascinated about getting into a relationship with our opposite gender without even thinking about any possibility.

At that time were not aware of the difference between obsession and love.

We were just so anxious to feel the charm of that ‘relationship’ thing without even knowing whether ‘we really love this person or we are just obsessed with them’.

Now it all seems funny how immature we were. But with time our heart and mind find the track of life, I think I should write it ‘real life’. A life that is full of possibilities, heartbreaks, traumas, and bad experiences but let’s not forget good things, happiness, opportunities, love, and happy endings.

There are so many similarities between love and obsession we just have to figure out whether we are just obsessed with that person or we need or love them.

In simple words, obsession is a feeling of intense attraction often driven by physical desires and excitement of the relationship. This feeling of obsession does not stay for a longer period because of the partner’s over-possessive behavior. They always want to stay in touch constantly disturbing their partner by texting calling they even stalking their partner by following them on their workplace or schools, this is one of the worst types of obsession. Sometimes their over-possessive nature turns into an abusive relationship and they don’t even hesitate to insult them in front of other people. They always feel insecure about themselves and always need their partner’s approval before making any decision. They never give their partners honest advice or opinions because of the fear that their partner will get upset and leave them as they are so attracted to them that they will live without them.

People with obsessive love disorder ignore their own needs and happiness just to please their partner. When their partner wants something they blindly agree to their wish just to please them.

They often ignore their partner’s boundaries just to make sure their partner stays with them. They do not give them personal space they always go through their things, check their cellphone read their texts. They always think that this person is already obsessed with me so they never make any effort to make their relationship deeper and stronger.

But in love, they experience mutual respect, emotional connection, the feeling of care, respect for each other’s privacy, and support for each other. Their healthy relationship tends to be more long-term. People in love always feel comfortable spending some time away from each other like hanging out with friends or spending time with families. People who love each other always stay loyal to their partners, they never feel afraid to share their personal opinions with their partners. They know that it might be difficult to hear but later on, their partner knows what they want. They always accept each other’s feedback and they do appreciate each other in every phase of their life. They always make each other feel good by showing small gestures full of love; holding hands, kissing their forehead, surprise plans and hug them when they feel low.

“Love can convert into obsession but obsession does not convert into love”

May this love bring happiness, joy, positivity, and growth into your life. 

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