A-list Bea Alonzo is a Kapuso actress. is among the most stunning and fashionable celebrities in local showbiz. Whether she’s out for a glam night, travelling, recommendation shoots, press events, weekenders or simply just in the house, she has fun with design in rockin’ fashion.

Checking out her online presence, one can conveniently say that Bea motivates her fellow females with a selection of style concepts. Aside from her everyday head-turning looks, she slays just as equally with her sportswear.

Let’s look at some of Bea’s easy-going yet stylish casual looks.

Flowy gown

Try a soft, flowy, feminine dress that shouts summer when you go for a day out. It offers any kind of female that fragile, womanly ambience.

It is also incredibly comfy and offers your OOTD post an immediate upgrade.


There’s constantly a means to make sure you are still runway-ready when at home. Take your pastel tops to select your denim shorts, simply a bit of accessory and a soft face colour as well as you’ll shake your at-home style.


For a weekend or a day off and feeling simply a little confident, you might opt for an intense plant top combined with white low-rise pants. With this style and a-rockin’ body like Bea’s, you make sure to transform heads anywhere you go.

Traditional t-shirt and also trousers.

This mix has reached be the most classic of all fashion patterns. However, some don’t provide it justice.

A pair of plain shirts and trousers combined with a dashboard of confidence can transform your appearance from boring to runway fab. Allow Bea to reveal to you just how. Remember, beauty doesn’t have to be complicated.

Sunshiny yellow

For a day out, never hesitate to match nature’s shades. A yellow top over a set of white shorts will undoubtedly give you the ideal womanhood for that girly selfie. See Bea’s?

Eco-friendly around

Nope, a one-colour fashion combination is no more simply a point of the ’90s. Any colour, specifically lime green, provides any kind of lady with an ambience of freshness. Take your hint from Bea.

Just the ideal cover

Never be afraid to sport thick activity fabrics in the summer season. Just ensure to release your legs with some pair of jean shorts, as you’ll remain in for the season.


Relaxation is the best feeling in the world. your body on the couch in your favourite casuals. Like Bea, you can still click a selfie even in your naked resting shorts and white “pambahay.”.

’90s ambience.

If you’re out strolling across the park for hours in the city, make sure your fashion fits your travelling requirement. All-black sleeveless tights and kicks will suffice. Complete it with a cap, and a coat twisted around the waist.

With this design, walking would undoubtedly be so much more enjoyable.

Black and also denim.

One of the safest options you can take is a sexy black top over denim shorts. It’s so posh it makes any girl a stylista, much like Bea.