Lift the lid and let the golden light pour in

In this year’s science festival, a new exhibition will display the window of the main street of Storminess in their gallery.

It’s the third portal of an exhibition consisting of the unique work of fifty artists and writers embraced by the connection of homes and business extending from the terminal point to further Stromness museum.

The theme of the exhibition is ‘light’, to label the International light year. This was the main margin of the festival.

According to the organizers, the doors of the exhibition are open from Sunday 30 August to Sunday 6 September. Open 24/7.

Artists will display their work on shelves by themselves as this exhibition is not customized.

In this exhibition, all the senior and beginner-level artists can participate to display their work and all the other artists related to fields of painters, sculptors, photographers, media illustrators, and textile designers can also take part in this exhibition.

This exhibition’s origin is Northlight Studio where all the work will be on display.

Open Window is an exhibition which happens twice a year. The theme of the last exhibition was ‘no ordinary journey’ and it was a super hit at the science festival.

Organizer ‘Rebecca Marr’ said it was the idea of ‘Ros Bryant’ and ‘Howie Firth’ to execute this open window exhibition at the science festival. And their idea proved as good as they planned. After all arts and science have a long-lasting relationship. The idea of the theme of light is an interesting bond with possibilities in terms of explanations.

Another organizer ‘Diana Leslie’ feels that the location of the exhibition is the key to the success of this project.

“Stromness is a large museum that offers a gallery for window exhibition.

‘Ros Bryant, Frances Pelly, and Joanna Buick’ are also part of the window organizer team.

According to them, a few artists started their work in 2011 but they never made it to deliver in such a beautiful way to customers.

Ros’s job is to contact the window owners for projects and he feels so happy to be a part of this as he enjoys the passion of tradition. 

Taking part in the window exhibition will be identifyby a bulb symbol to make people understand the journey of the terminal point to the lower end.

A lot of artworks were for sale and could be bought by their artists directly. Specifications of each artwork will be displayed in the window.

Moreover, a catalog detailing the artists and details of the venue is available at Pier Arts Centre, Northlight studio, and Stromness museum.

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