Exceptional Story:  A Life-Changing Lesson

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Years ago, I bumped into an old friend who just got done with her one-month silent meditation retreat. After asking about her experience, she drew an imaginary label on her forehead and said

“It’s written here, now I know the story is exceptional”

My deep connection to stories of regret fueled my immediate understanding. I experienced negative emotions, and whatnot.

Eventually, I learned the lesson of innovation of life: The story is exceptional.

The Nature of Attitude

A story is a combination of different emotions. The trouble comes from assuming you already know what’s going to happen. When we experience these things in our lives we:

  • Disapprove
  • Observe
  • Impart meaning
  • Assess
  • Reckon
  • Assume
  • Rebuke

We need to fight ourselves because sometimes our own stories make us anxious and depressed . We are constantly judging ourselves and others. Our instinct thoughts trap us in depression.

We persist in thinking that we’re not good enough and our past is shameful however looking back on won’t do us any good. We start feeling restless and we just want to turn the clock and make things right but that is not how things work. This is just a torture on ourselves, these are the devilish tricks that our mind plays with us.

Heal and Move On

When we think about our past, Moving on is not a piece of cake but once done, the benefits will surprise you:

Releasing the past: When I finally moved on from the grudges of the past I had a new perspective that was way too bright. Letting go of hurtful things became my strategy.

Healthy state of mind: I feel relaxed, happier, and chill. The stress doesn’t knock me down anymore.

Clearance: I got to know these stories were just holding me back, there’s a lot to learn and explore that I was missing out. Leaving them behind led me to peace and my path became clear as glass.

Effortless fix: I began to fix my problems easily as soon as I stopped fixing them within my mind from a story’s perspective.

Healthy relations: I found better connections when I let go of my expectations in relationships.

Good mental health: I achieved peace of mind, and mental clarity.

Sympathy: When I drew my focus away from myself, I became empathetic.

These stories compel us to fight the inevitable. We try our best to customize it but end up making things rougher. However, Sometimes, we just have to ride the wave.

Oh, This

I came across an amazing phrase: “Oh, this.” Did I crash my car? Oh, this. My friend failed mathematics. Oh, this. My father got promoted? Oh, this.

This phrase indicates that you’ve accepted what has been done with zero regrets.

I ended my connection with stories because they failed to serve me well, and were far away from reality. I perfected the skill of not just accepting reality but also to enjoy. Eventually, my heart expanded.

In my opinion, Truth is not the key to freedom in fact when you let go of stories and face reality, you see the world with a different and glorious point of view.

What about you? Do you believe in stories? Can you leave them behind? I’m eager to know…

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