A Simple Fix: Just Reset

The energy you bring is the energy you attract

Dr. Wayne Dyer

You find stories everywhere, Similar to this one, I and my husband got lost in the jungle and we knew nothing about our way back, we took our iPhones out expecting them to show us a way and my husband’s iPhone did however mine one wasn’t working at all and I got it fixed just by a trip to the apple store, All it required was just a reset.


The next day, I woke up bone tired. Suddenly it dawned on me Oh, Just a reset! That is the answer.

As soon as I decided to start anew, the vibe of the moment changed instantly and my whole day went amazing.

Is it as simple as said? Well, yes! You can always unlock your full potential even if you feel shattered, all you need is to reset your mind.

Whenever you feel beyond exhausted, begin with a clean state.

You’re The Boss

Your mood depends upon your decision. You need to be accountable for your happiness, and you’ll get to see the world from a different perspective.

Try it out:

Reset: What do I deeply desire for this moment?

Reset: What feels important?

Reset: Let me write on my heart.

Reset: Which emotions and feelings should I get rid of?

People often think, that reading a no: of articles will bring them happiness but maybe people think happiness is not for them so they hunt it down.

My word of advice is to not read, give it a try. The moment you feel drained out or upset, hit reset, clear up your mind, refresh yourself, look beyond the misery, and calm your nerves into the space of no projections.

You have the ability to adapt, you have the command of your mood, and creativity dwells in you so any moment you feel miserable, know that it’s going to go away.

Be accountable for what type of energy you bring and attract and then you won’t have to adjust or accept with a heavy heart.

Reset yourself, if you ever feel restless, a good mood is just a click away.

How do you start anew if you’re going through the mill? Let’s hear it…

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