LUX CHIX is a movement empowering health conscious wonder women to create a successful lifestyle and follow their dreams. Founder and CEO, Nicole Zaagman is helping holistic and spiritual entrepreneurs achieve success.

“The purpose of our program is to help entrepreneurs and business owners discover their brand and follow their dreams,” says Zaagman, a 26-year old entrepreneur from Grand Rapids, MI. Graduating from college at 21 with a BA in Design and Advertising, Zaagman was excited to start her career as an entry-level Art Director. Unknowingly, that job would change the direction of her entire life.

After experiencing a very negative work environment and learning a lot about business in the real world, she decided that she would never work in a place like that again. She also decided that she would become a voice for other young women in business to follow their dreams and achieve success.

Zaagman often found herself getting very sick, both mentally and physically. She also became anti-social and unconfident. Specialists ran tests concluded that the cause was her stressful and often demeaning work environment. “It was the wakeup call that I needed to work towards healing myself,” she says. She fulfilled her 2-year commitment to them and moved on.

A change of lifestyle and a new perspective

Over the course of the next three years, Zaagman changed her lifestyle completely. During her time working for Michigan’s largest news and media group, she worked with a mentor for two of those years; shortly realizing it was time to make the jump to pursuing her dream full time. “My mentor helped me get to a place of balance again. I needed help building up my confidence again.” Soon she began working with woman entrepreneurs who she brought on as her own clients, and started a radio show to expand her reach.

Ever since high school Zaagman wanted something bigger. She wanted to make a difference. This past summer on her way to LA, she was reading a book called Dream Year. It’s about quitting the job you hate and creating the life you want.

“I started my own radio show, took on branding clients, and then quit my job. I wanted to help other woman in their entrepreneurial journeys and improve their lifestyle,” Zaagman says.

She’s come to realize that age doesn’t play a factor in helping others achieve success because real life experiences have the same principals. Being homeschooled, Zaagman would often talk and connect with her parents and their older friends. Perhaps is the reason that her typical clients are woman 50 and over who are very drawn to the holistic and spiritual help she offer through her company LUX CHIX.

 “Taking a holistic approach means always asking ‘What’s next? What my purpose?’”

Empowering more women entrepreneurs

Zaagman’s radio show is a 30-minute audio program that offers free tips, insights and advice from business professionals and entrepreneurs. The purpose is to educate, entertain, and empower through a womanly aspect. “I believe that experts sharing their expertise and experiences are so valuable. Especially starting from their childhood because it’s all pertinent to who they are and their journey.

In addition to her weekly radio show, Zaagman is launching a conference to build a holistic community and bring together like-minded people with a spiritual-based business and/or lifestyle. “I wanted to create a one-of-a-kind experience in West Michigan for all the amazing individuals I interview on the show and give them an opportunity to speak in a much different environment.”

Nicole Zaagman’s struggles originated from within and overcoming them were simply about believing in herself. In a world where people are always thinking for themselves, she’s building something where entrepreneurs – especially woman entrepreneurs – can go to seek help and support. Her biggest challenge early on was finding people who shared her passion, but through much trial and error, she’s been able to connect with those who share her vision. “It became clear pretty quickly the individuals and groups I was meeting with wanted to fit LUX CHIX into a box and silence some of the experiences that have made me, me. I couldn’t do that, it’s not what I teach my clients. How could I teach one thing and in my own business do the opposite? So, we shifted the event marketing message and got even clearer about who this event is geared towards: the spiritual, health conscious and holistic entrepreneur!”

“Building a community is difficult. It’s been a roller coaster from the beginning, but it’s been a good journey.”

The holistic and health conscious entrepreneurial community is booming around the country in states like California, Arizona, Utah, Texas, Colorado and more – places Zaagman has visited and has experienced how powerfule these communities really are. She hopes to bring this intimate and synergistic community together in West Michigan. “They’re here. I’ve met with so many individuals who are thrilled this event is taking place and excited to see the positive changes coming to our area,” she tells us. “Now it’s just about getting the word out and letting these like-minded entrepreneurs know it’s OK for their business brand to match their inner voice and personal beliefs.”

In the future, Zaagman will create a licensing program that other woman can integrate into their own businesses. She will also take her conference on tour around the world. We wish her all the luck in the world!