We are 100% committed to the vision, mission, culture, and success of CG Magazine by supporting our staff, clients, and partners at all times.

Why become a partner?

Creating Genius partnerships are built around enhancing digital distribution to like-minded people. Partner organizations benefit via co-marketing agreements reached between you and the magazine. Partnerships can be customized to meet an individual organization’s needs.

We offer associate partners discounted placement within our digital publication for a determinate period of time. Issues can also be branded for a particular organization with a cover sticker or a cover article placement—or fully customized placement within the Creating Genius email newsletter. All partnerships will draw on co-marketing opportunities with businesses that target a similar or overlapping audience to Creating Genius Magazine —such as co-working spaces, media outlets, and specialized events or areas where our core readers are high in traffic.

For more information on partnership opportunities, contact
Michael Durant, Editor-in-Chief